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G. Karkotis Macarony Factory was founded in 1952 and was in full operation from then until 1975m when the company was founded under the name of G. Karkotis Pasta Factory which took over the operations of the macarony factory.

The company G. Karkotis Pasta Factory was renamed to G. Karkotis Macaroni Factory Ltd in 1976 after it had put increased emphasis on exports and it was more convenient for its foreign customers if the company had its name in english.

The company was subsequently renamed to Karkotis Manufacturing & Trading Public Ltd to better reflect its increasing variety of products and it also proceeded to issue share capital which was listed for trading on a regulated market, effectively becaming a public company.

Today, the company Karkotis Manufacturing & Trading Public Ltd is engaged in the packaging, marketing and distribution of macaroni (dry pasta), cooking oils, table oils and olive oil, sugar, flour, rice and other foodstuffs . The company is the main supplier of the hotel and tourist industry in Cyprus in these products.

The company pioneered in exports to the Arab countries. Its exports were increased especially after 1976, when the Suez Canal had been reopened and the transport of products to the Gulf countries had become easier.

The company owns a fleet of ISO, S/S foodgrade containers (tanks) for the unimpeded and continuous importation of refined cooking oils in bulk from Europe and their distribution throughout the Cypriot market.

The company has at any given time a large number of containers with sugar at the port of Limassol, Cyprus for the immediate satisfaction of the needs of any interested party and of any large quantity.

The Company, due to its long experience in trading in these essential foodstuffs and its excellent distribution network, was as of 1988 until a few years ago, the exclusive agent/distributor of the olive products of the Council of Cyprus Olive Producers (SEKEP) to the entire country. During his tenure as a distributor, the Company sold all the oil gathered by the SEKEP and in the year 2001 exported several tonnes of oil to several European countries (see Exports).

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Brief History

1952George Karkotis founds G. Karkotis Macaroni Factory which operates in the production and distribution of dry pasta.
1975Christos C Karkotis undertakes the works of G. Karkotis Macaroni Factory and founded the company called G. Karkotis Pasta Factory as a private limited company.
1976The company is renamed to G. Karkotis Macaroni Factory Limited, acquiring a name in English, in view of the increase in export volumes in various Arab countries Old pasta blue & red
1981Christos Karkoti founded the company Chrika Bottlers Ltd., which is active in the import, bottling, processing and distribution of edible oils.
1988The Company Chrika Bottlers Ltd becomes the exclusive distributor of olive products of the Council of Cyprus Olive Producers (SEKEP).
1995The Company Chrika Bottlers Ltd begins imports of white granulated sugar in Cyprus from various European countries.
1999 On January 1, 1999, the Company G. Karkotis Macaroni Factory Ltd acquires the operating business and the share capital of Chrika Bottlers Ltd., thereby increasing its operating advantages and its product range.
2000On January 13, 2000 by special resolution , the Company was renamed to Karkotis Manufacturing & Trading Public Ltd, and on January 14, 2000, the directors decided to take all necessary steps for the listing of the company’s shares on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. On January 17, 2000 the General Assembly endorsed the above decision of the directors and the company became public.
2001On June 25, 2001 , the CSE Council announced that it accepts for import 8765.957 ordinary shares of 20 cents an issue price of 50 cents of Karkotis Manufacturing & Trading Public Ltd and on 2 July 2001, the trading of the shares of the company began.
2002On July 23, 2002 , the Company concluded one of its goals: the completion of the purchase of new warehouse premises in Limassol at a central position on the Limassol – Paphos highway, suitable to serve the Company’s clients in both Limassol and Paphos provinces. On November 4, 2002 , the Company completed its second goal: the acquisition of warehouse premises in the industrial area of Kokkinotrimithia (in Nicosia province), where the Company is to transfer the oil bottling and the sugar packing unit and also use them as a storage space.These two strategic steps are expected to assist the Compaby to further develop its activities and increase its turnover.


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