Our Company trades in, resells and distributes white granulated sugar for cooking and baking and other uses for the domestic market. The sugar our Company offers is type EEC2 and originates from Europe.

Our Company is the leader in trading of sugar, because it has almost at any given time enough stock of white granulated sugar at Limassol port in containers, packed in 25 and 50 kilo bags for any interested person.

Our Company serves a large number of clients through packing, packaging and marketing of sugar. Numerous factories and production units that utilize sugar as a raw material and use large amounts of sugar for the production of their end products are included in our Company’s clientele.

To meet the needs of retail stores, the company packages sugar using automatic packaging equipment, in packages of 1 kg, which is sold in packs of 10 and 20 packages.

The packages of sugar company include packages of 1 kg in paper packaging and 1kg in nylon bags, as well as in of 25 and 50 kg bags, as shown in the photos below.

DSC04520   IMG_8686   sugar 1 kg nylon

IMG_8677   IMG_8675

Our Company also offers the options of “private label” for its professional customers such as supermarket chains. Examples of 1 kg sugar packs in paper packaging of private labels are shown in the pictures below.

IMG_8622  IMG_8631  IMG_8626