Rice is a product that comes in many forms depending on the origin and method of production.

One of the most common types of rice is parboiled rice. It is a type of rice with a yellowish color and long shape. It is considered ideal for any food and recipe, because it remains granular after cooking. The basmati rice is a white type of rice with long shape grown in the river areas between India and Pakistan. It has a rich aroma and is considered a type of rice with special taste and for almost every use. The carolina rice is white with medium grain shape preferred mainly for oven food.

Karkotis Manufacturing & Trading Public Ltd imports rice from various rice producing countries such as Thailand, Uruguay and others, and using its own packing units, it packs the rice in nylon packs of 1 kg for use by households.

Apart from the 1 kg packages, the Company also offers rice in 25 kg bags, as shown in the photos below, for restaurants, hotels and other commercial uses.

Rice   IMG_8650