The Company buys (imports) dry pasta from large modern pasta production factories in the European Union. These factories meet the most strict standards and specifications for food health and safety, and use the latest technologies and automation in the production of pasta. The pasta our Company offers to the market, are sold and consumed in the entire European Union, and especially in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

The Company offers many different kinds of pasta in packages of 500 grams. The most popular items include long pasta like spaghetti,  spaghettini and zitti No.2, and cut pasta such as the following: orzo (risone), asterisk (stelle), shells (conchiglie), small shells (conchigliette), penne rigate, fusilli, tortiglioni, filini, cellentani express and nuilles, as shown in the pictures below.

Cellentani Express Conchiglie Conchigliette Filini Fusilli
  Cellentani Express          Conchiglie                       Conchigliette                     Filini                                    Fusili

Nuilles Risone (orzo) Spaghetti no.6 Stelle

      Nuillles                             Risone (orzo)               Spaghetti No.6            Spaghettini No.10                Stelle                                                              

Penne rigate Zitti no.2 Tortiglioni

     Penne Rigate                     Zitti No.2                       Tortiglioni

The following photos illustrate the different packaging of the pasta that our Company offers with its brand name, as well as the brands of the pasts production factories it represents.

Fides2  kati allo  Kattes  Kattoudes Try  Giouvetsi Spaghetti2Kirkilloudin   Scan 9

f179  f180 makvel-makkaroni-pastitsio makvel-kofto-kleine-rohrennudelnmakvel-kochili-nudeln-muschelnudelnpasta-2