The company’s objective is to always offer the highest quality of products by adhering to strict hygiene and food safety rules in packaging and transportation, and the speedy distribution and delivery to the customer.

The company’s activities include:


Α. Major commercial activitites

With over 55 years experience in the food sector, company Karkotis Manufacturing & Trading Public Ltd is engaged in the production, packaging and bottling, marketing, import, sale and distribution of various foodstuffs as follows:

• Buy (import), bottling and distribution of cooking oils
• Purchase and distribution of table oils including olive oil
• Buy (import), packaging and distribution of sugar
• Production, packaging and distribution pasta
• Buy (import), packaging and distribution of rice

More about the company’s products can be found here.


B. Import and packaging

The company maintains partnerships with major food producers in various member states of the European Union and other countries around the world for the purpose of importing the highest quality of products at competitive prices.

For the safe transportation and storage of its products, the company maintains its own fleet of trucks for food transports and large storage warehouses in the various districts of Cyprus.

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C. Distribution in Cyprus

With the purpose to ensure the rapid and qualitative satisfaction of its customers both in Cyprus and abroad, the company Karkotis Manufacturing & Trading Public Ltd maintains its own bottling and packaging units, a comprehensive distribution network of large trucks and other transport vehicles, warehouses and experienced dealers and sub-dealers in all cities and villages of Cyprus. The company is one of the main suppliers of hotel and tourism industry in its products.

The company’s clientele base includes the majority of food stores, supermarket chains, restaurants, hotels and resorts and most wholesale and retail sellers of foodstuffs. The company also supplies government agencies and other organisations such as hospitals, the department of hotel and tourism management, the central prisons, nursing homes, the National Guard, the international airports, the Greek Military Forces and other institutions and organizations.

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D. Exports

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Since 1976 , the Company which was then named G. Karkotis Macaroni Factory Ltd, gave special attention to exports, mainly to Arab countries. Especially after the Suez Canal was reopened, the transportation of products in the Arab Gulf was greatly facilitated . Subsequently, because of the war between Iraq and Kuwait and the unstable political and economic situation which was created in the Middle East, the Company ceased exports and focused more on the domestic retail and wholesale foodstuff market.

In 2001 and 2002 , the Company was again active in exports by exporting many tons in bulk of mainly olive oil to European Union countries and in Croatia, and also mate the first and largest export of Cypriot olive oil in Europe. In particular, the Company purchased and transported 500 tons of Cypriot olive oil in bulk to Limassol port, using modern specialized ISO approved stainless steel containers/tanks of 20 tonnes capacity. Then, with special, stainless steel pumps the olive oil was transferred in a chartered tanker ship, which sailed to Italy.

With its experience and its fleet of special containers/tanks, S/S, of Foodgrade Standards, suitable for import/export of consumer products and extensive experience in loading and export oil, the Company pioneered in the exports again and is able to export all types of edible oils both in Europe and in the Middle East.

The photos below show the process of loading the Company’s tanks (containers) at Limassol port in Cyprus which are used for the oil exports.

3 flexi loaded 3x foodgrade 2x ins and 1x non ins


E. Participation in Food Exhibitions

The company participates on a regular basis on food exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, in order to promote its products, as well as to represent the business sector of Cyprus in other countries.

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